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Duane Craig

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Specializing in B2B, Duane is writing, and creating multimedia content primarily for brands in the technology sector, and the architectural/engineering/construction sector.

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P3s and Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

In its 2017 Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimated the U.S. needed to invest $4.59 trillion in its infrastructure between now and 2027 to slow productivity losses. Each U.S. Household is currently losing $3,400 each year in disposable income to infrastructure deficiencies.

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Superintendent’s Guide to Knowing When to Ask for Help

If you read the job descriptions many contractors use to detail what a superintendent is responsible for, you quickly notice a big departure from what’s realistically feasible.

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Construction Informer

Define Your Best Construction Customer, And Sell To the Right Ones

Your best construction customer comes at a lower price tag than just any customer, because they fit your business. They fit the sector you build in, they fit the geography where you get the best efficiencies and they fit the project size you prefer.

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Construction Informer

Trip Up the Grim Reaper with a Safety Program - Construction Informer Blog

You don’t have to look far to find evidence that working in construction is dangerous. And, nothing drives the point home better than the stories of those who have died building America.

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EB5 Immigrant Investor Program Allows Foreigners to Buy American

The U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program allows foreign nationals to buy citizenship by investing in America. This 5 minute presentation video reveals the details of the program, outlines its points of contention and provides examples of where it's been used.

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The media industry is now well within the crosshairs as the growth in programmatic, and content marketing trumpet the changes coming for traditional advertising practices.

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Siloed Data Killing Business

Over the last 50 years, ‘business silos’ usually referred to the divisions between departments in an organization. While those divisions still exist today, technology has been slow in solving the growing problem of data segregation. In some cases, technology has made the problem worse.

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Steps to Resolve Errors by Using Reviews on Vimeo

Reviewing errors in construction, or any other industry, can help to pinpoint their reasons and show how to prevent them from happening again. Here's a process to use.

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Wine Making Introduction

This introduction to a winemaking course for online distribution is an example of blending video footage having disparate resolutions and sizes.

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Programmatic Audio Set to Make Sweet Sounds for Advertisers

Something very telling has happened for the programmatic audio advertising marketplace and it signals a coming-of-age for the medium’s future. In the latest version of the API Specification used for selling and buying ads, OpenRTB 2.4, digital audio is now a separate object within the protocol. That means sellers can now specifically offer audio impressions for sale and avoid the confusion of offering audio through the video object.

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Planning for the Worst Sets You Up for The Best

There is no shortage of disasters in the world, and big or small they represent a huge cost to businesses. Recent bitter cold weather and strong storms have delivered a wake-up call to business. It’s time to plan for the unexpected and to do that right, you need a business continuity plan.

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Construction Informer

Cutting Through the Cloud of Contention Over the New Silica Dust ...

Commentary and news surrounding the new silica dust rule show the construction industry has a lot of fear about it. Unfortunately too, there is plenty of misinformation floating around to keep the fear rolling, and to simply stir contention.

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Construction Informer

Book Review: Engineering Reference Book for Builders

When you build, you have to deal with engineering concepts, and any builder who has an advanced knowledge of engineering has a competitive advantage.

However, for those builders without advanced engineering knowledge there is a resource in its 12th edition that serves as a handy engineering reference book in a compact package.

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Construction Informer

The Last Digitizer - Construction Informer Blog

Sometimes I wonder about the final days of all the old technology. Consider the electro-mechanical digitizer. It’s now practically obsolete, but in its day (and that “day” lasted decades) it was a miraculous time saver for doing takeoffs. And, any construction company that had one gained a great advantage over the competition.

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TV Ad Spending Up: How Will Broadcast Sustain the Numbers?

With TV ad spending growing primarily through rising ad prices, and broadcasting showing some slippage, there are plenty of potential headwinds from the larger economy and from the ways TV marketers engage with the marketplace. To offset, broadcast might use creative digital and multiple-screen packaging for reserved, preferred, and private exchange deals to boost volume into the 2016–2017 season.