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Duane Craig

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Specializing in B2B, Duane is writing, and creating multimedia content primarily for brands in the technology sector, and the architectural/engineering/construction sector.

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P3s and Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

In its 2017 Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimated the U.S. needed to invest $4.59 trillion in its infrastructure between now and 2027 to slow productivity losses. Each U.S. Household is currently losing $3,400 each year in disposable income to infrastructure deficiencies.

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Superintendent’s Guide to Knowing When to Ask for Help

If you read the job descriptions many contractors use to detail what a superintendent is responsible for, you quickly notice a big departure from what’s realistically feasible.

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Siloed Data Killing Business

Over the last 50 years, ‘business silos’ usually referred to the divisions between departments in an organization. While those divisions still exist today, technology has been slow in solving the growing problem of data segregation. In some cases, technology has made the problem worse.

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Planning for the Worst Sets You Up for The Best

There is no shortage of disasters in the world, and big or small they represent a huge cost to businesses. Recent bitter cold weather and strong storms have delivered a wake-up call to business. It’s time to plan for the unexpected and to do that right, you need a business continuity plan.