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Specializing in B2B, Duane is writing, and creating multimedia content primarily for brands in the technology sector, and the architectural/engineering/construction sector.

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Doglisteningtomusic 293980 article

Programmatic Audio Set to Make Sweet Sounds for Advertisers

Something very telling has happened for the programmatic audio advertising marketplace and it signals a coming-of-age for the medium’s future. In the latest version of the API Specification used for selling and buying ads, OpenRTB 2.4, digital audio is now a separate object within the protocol. That means sellers can now specifically offer audio impressions for sale and avoid the confusion of offering audio through the video object.

Relyingonmagic 249619 article

TV Ad Spending Up: How Will Broadcast Sustain the Numbers?

With TV ad spending growing primarily through rising ad prices, and broadcasting showing some slippage, there are plenty of potential headwinds from the larger economy and from the ways TV marketers engage with the marketplace. To offset, broadcast might use creative digital and multiple-screen packaging for reserved, preferred, and private exchange deals to boost volume into the 2016–2017 season.

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Social TV Comes Out To Play On Super Sunday

The surge in users of mobile screens during Super Bowl 50 brings social TV into focus. It’s no longer a world where TV exists all on its own, solely captivating, and holding audiences in the narrow confines of the space where it is placed. Instead, these other screens extend TV’s reach while empowering people to expand their social interactions, and to also find new viewing options. Social TV is yet another aspect of today’s connected world.

Dividedfriendswatchingga 222122 article

The Game Behind Super Bowl Ads

Are Super Bowl ads really effective? Well, if the amounts advertisers are willing to pay for them is any indication, they are. The price tag goes up annually with 30-second ads this year going for $5 million, according to Fortune. So what causes brands to spend so much?

Technologyandadvertiseme 220928 article

CES Roundup Recaps The Hot Programmatic Topics From The Show

Each year, programmatic advertising gets more attention at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The focus in 2016 was on content and the promise to use data to transform advertising. Here’s a recap of CES roundup coverage.

Groupofmultiethnicbusype 209795 article

Programmatic Data Is The Secret To Measuring Brand Messages

Programmatic data offers new opportunities for delivering brand messages that make emotional connections with viewers, getting to the heart of who the audience is and helping to inform content and ad format.

Oldbusinesswayversusnewb 198170 article

NYC TV Week Panelists Predict Programmatic Advertising's Future

NYC TV Week, which took place in October, featured perspectives on programmatic ad buying for TV from prominent media and advertising personalities. Hot topics included programmatic’s rise to wide-scale adoption, including when it could reach a tipping point in television advertising.

Cinemainnew3dglasseswith 179560 article

Supercharge Ad Buys Using Audience Segments

Broadcasters can now harness increasingly granular data streams to improve inventory performance, making any ad buy an opportunity to sell advanced audience segments.

Cameramanworksinthestudi 151261 article

5 Reasons A Programmatic TV Ad Buying Platform Is A Fit For Broadcast Stations

A programmatic TV ad buying platform changes the dynamics of how ads are bought and sold to optimize the process and better target specific audiences. But, for broadcast stations and groups the advantages don’t stop there. Here are five ways that programmatic TV ad buying can benefit a broadcast station’s sales team:

Thewordvalueonaproductbo 136511 article

Content Advertising: Using Programmatic Buying To Fill Premium Spots

Although programmatic buying has historically been associated with remnant inventory, today’s agencies and broadcasters are now placing high-quality content advertising in premium time slots through the same process. Instead of selling ad space with the hope of generating impressions, automated buying sells impressions that already exist. spots possible.