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Duane Craig

Creating Compelling Content

Specializing in B2B, Duane is writing, and creating multimedia content primarily for brands in the technology sector, and the architectural/engineering/construction sector.

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EB5 Immigrant Investor Program Allows Foreigners to Buy American

The U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program allows foreign nationals to buy citizenship by investing in America. This 5 minute presentation video reveals the details of the program, outlines its points of contention and provides examples of where it's been used.

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The media industry is now well within the crosshairs as the growth in programmatic, and content marketing trumpet the changes coming for traditional advertising practices.

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Steps to Resolve Errors by Using Reviews on Vimeo

Reviewing errors in construction, or any other industry, can help to pinpoint their reasons and show how to prevent them from happening again. Here's a process to use.

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Wine Making Introduction

This introduction to a winemaking course for online distribution is an example of blending video footage having disparate resolutions and sizes.