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Duane Craig

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Specializing in B2B, Duane is writing, and creating multimedia content primarily for brands in the technology sector, and the architectural/engineering/construction sector.

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Construction Informer

Define Your Best Construction Customer, And Sell To the Right Ones

Your best construction customer comes at a lower price tag than just any customer, because they fit your business. They fit the sector you build in, they fit the geography where you get the best efficiencies and they fit the project size you prefer.

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Construction Informer

Trip Up the Grim Reaper with a Safety Program - Construction Informer Blog

You don’t have to look far to find evidence that working in construction is dangerous. And, nothing drives the point home better than the stories of those who have died building America.

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Construction Informer

Cutting Through the Cloud of Contention Over the New Silica Dust ...

Commentary and news surrounding the new silica dust rule show the construction industry has a lot of fear about it. Unfortunately too, there is plenty of misinformation floating around to keep the fear rolling, and to simply stir contention.

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Construction Informer

Book Review: Engineering Reference Book for Builders

When you build, you have to deal with engineering concepts, and any builder who has an advanced knowledge of engineering has a competitive advantage.

However, for those builders without advanced engineering knowledge there is a resource in its 12th edition that serves as a handy engineering reference book in a compact package.

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Construction Informer

The Last Digitizer - Construction Informer Blog

Sometimes I wonder about the final days of all the old technology. Consider the electro-mechanical digitizer. It’s now practically obsolete, but in its day (and that “day” lasted decades) it was a miraculous time saver for doing takeoffs. And, any construction company that had one gained a great advantage over the competition.

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Construction Informer

Study Suggests a Different Way to Assign Overhead - Construction ...

(Updated Feb. 8, 2016) If you assign overhead costs without using activity based costing, your construction overhead is probably greater than you know.

Anyone who spends time managing the actual work that goes on at a construction site knows it would get pretty murky if they tried to allocate overhead costs to each little activity.

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Construction Informer

Reusing, Recycling Old Buildings Means Rethinking the Life Cycle ...

Reusing, recycling old buildings offers big opportunities for creating a more sustainable built environment. And, with the continued, and growing emphasis on sustainability in construction, we could be on the verge of a radical shift in how we think about the current stock of buildings.

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Construction Informer

The Challenge of Construction Waste

Listen in as Patti Mason, the U.S. GBC Colorado chapter executive director offers her perspectives on construction waste, LEED, and LEED’s relevance as standards bodies and building codes adopt green building principles.

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Construction Informer

Building in the Urban Environment: The Chance & Challenge of ...

Building in the urban environment makes design a delicate balance of risk and opportunity. Explore this topic by listening to this podcast, or by reading it.

Listen in, as David Tracz with Studio 3877, shares his perspectives on designing for the urban environment.

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Construction Informer

Using Drones in Construction For Better Project Outcomes ...

There’s a lot of buzz about using drones in construction, and the use cases are expanding. Forward thinking construction firms are finding drones help improve very distinct areas of project performance.

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Construction Informer

Look to the Top if Your Construction Company Has a Culture of Fear ...

A little bit of fear goes a long way. It is priceless when you’re in an immediate life-threatening situation. Beyond that, fear is a huge impediment to living, to learning and to creating.

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Construction Informer

Is it Time to Build Tornado Resistant Homes? - Construction Informer ...

In January, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes released updated National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Storm Prediction Center data showing that nearly 90% of U.S. counties experience tornado watches. According to FLASH this information underscores the point that building tornado resistant homes is not just beneficial to people in places where tornadoes are notorious.

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Construction Informer

Construction Risk Management Boosts Profits - Construction ...

While 73 percent of executives feel that risks to their companies are on the rise, companies in general are not meeting the increased risks with improved risk management. In fact, only 12 percent of responding companies demonstrated qualities that marked them as true risk management leaders, according to a PwC U.S. risk review.

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Construction Informer

The Story Behind Story Telling for Construction - Construction ...

The age of content marketing is in full swing and it increasingly relies on stories. Good stories. But, good story telling is not something that businesses selling to other businesses do well. That’s partly because marketing is often too closely tied to the story telling process.

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Construction Informer

Build a Wood Fired Clay Oven - Construction Informer Blog

Build a Wood Fired Clay Oven - Construction Informe...